My first bear

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bear claw

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Thanks for all the kind words guys. Does anyone know what causes some bears to have white marking like that? I assumed something in there genetics but i have no clue.


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Great job! Good to see somebody with a nice one. My luck wasn't so good on the retrieval of my bear this weekend. Thought I made a good shot on a big boar but he run forever and we couldn't retrieve him even with a tracking dog hired, a bucket of blood to trail, and about 12 hours of searching Saturday night and Sunday in the pouring rain. It was terrible but I enjoyed every second of it. First time I have ever seen a good one up close and they are truly one of God's most beautiful creatures. The feeling of drawing back on one finally, is unexplainable!
The animals we pursue should be honored and respected. You did. :cheers:
Nice job. Special you could share it with your Dad.
I have no idea about the white markings I've personally never seen one with them. Of course a lot of bears you see are getting out of Dodge quickly so I wouldnt see it if it was there. Congrats on a nice bear!