My first cival war relic

Congrats. The picture is a little blurry. Try to post another one when you can.


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Your addicted now lol. Cool find. Metal detecting is like fishing in the ocean , you never know what’s coming up next.
Always cool to find things like that. We used to pick up pocketfuls out of the creek at Cheatham Hill (back when it was a State Park, no one cared). BIL found a CSA buckle and sword hilt in one of the smaller feeder creeks there as well. Crawled all over that place as kids. Also found a .58 Mini with an extraction screw/jag broke off in it over across US 41 from Knsw Mtn at the site of the watertank while it was being erected and piped. Looks like they had to grit their teeth and shoot it out, by the way the screw was bent. Another lucrative place was old Green Drive off Powder Town Road before all that changed. The old man that lived out there let us poke around the log cabin that was used as Calvary headquarters - place was riddled with bullets back then.
Guess you might say I've had more than just a few pass through my grubby hands and jeans pockets back then.
Same with arrowheads, just have the "eye" for seeing them.


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Metal detecting is fun but everyone around where we live has one or two for hunting the beaches here, can't find nothing anymore. And most folks won't let you hunt their properties for fearing you will find something that they want or is valuable..My old White just sits in the corner now staring back at me...


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I was recently reading something about the CW and this CW officer had gone back to an old battleground and talked about how relic hunters had nearly stripped it. This was in the 1870s or 1880s so you can imagine how many times these old battlegrounds have been searched.