My First Fawn Of The Year.....

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I have been anxiously waiting to see any new fawns this year and finally one has made its appearance.

I have two different photos of this little one from different angles.

The first photo was taken from a camera located about 4 feet high on the hickory tree that is right above this mama doe's back in inside of the tree line. The second photo was taken by a camera that is located about 7 foot high on a pine tree that is located right in the center of this photo and just in the edge of the trees.

If you zoom in on these two photos enough, you can easily see both of these cameras with no problem. Also as you can tell, not every one of my cameras have the EXACT time programmed on them either because these two photos show that they were taken 3 minutes apart BUT they were actually taken about 3 seconds apart. It is dang near impossible to get all of my 37 cameras programmed to the exact minute for each one.


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That’s awesome , thanks for sharing ... I really like the 2nd pic trying to catch up with mom !

Jim Boyd

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Great, great photos !!


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I got a video in my back yard a few years back of one that was less than 1' tall (as it passed by the marks on my feeder) and it's legs were still wobbling. I wonder how old it was. They are cute for sure. They sure do grow fast though. Weight wise deer are similar to humans, but they are full grown in less than 2 years.

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I appreciate the comments especially about the new fawns each year as I love to see these little ones ultimately become big ones.

Actually this Mama doe and her little new fawn are hanging out close in this vicinity for a while now as I also had another photo of them again when I pulled the cards this past Sunday as well.

I hoping that maybe a set of new twins will be born again this season just like last season BUT they haven't showed up yet.


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Eagle Eye,

Which model WGI took the last picture you posted?
The very first photo at the top of my thread and the photo that I posted this afternoon are from the same camera which is a Model WGI Blade X6, Model # w6i20a. The crazy thing about this camera is the fact that it only states a 40 Foot IR Flash range. However, I know that it works a lot better than that for sure. The very first ones of this model cost me $89.99 originally. They worked so well originally that I have purchased around 30 of this model and bought those on sale several times at Academy Sports for $49.99 and also other times for $59.99 each.

This camera location was put in service on 8/31/2014 and has been working great since. The batteries in this camera has been changed out 6 times so far. The first two sets of batteries were the "Copper-Top" and the rest have been the "Quantum" batteries. This camera model averages about 6 months life from a set of batteries.

If I could purchase 10-15 more of this model at the $50-$60 price, I would surely do it asap. The TRU-BARK HD Camo pattern makes it really hard to see these cameras in the woods too. However this model is not easy to find anymore. That is why I am constantly looking for a bargain on other camera models that I know will perform well.
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