My first two points.

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The scanner isn't as good as the camera, so some of is the reason these don't look better. :rofl:

No blood on this go around, but I do have tiny shards of obsidian in one knuckle, and my right hand is numb.

Years ago I shot my right hand and in repairing it, they put in a tiny rod, 5 tiny screws, and 4 twistie-ties. All the pressure of holding these points, and pressing and poppin' has my right hand in a KNOT! :rofl: :bounce:

But, I'll just have to hurt, this is fun!

The biggest is my first one. The other one is my second. On the second one, I was notching it and popped off the base. I got too deep .. (it's just a ROCK!). I tried to fix it, but don't like the way it turned out. I'll probably remove the base all together tonight and even up the ears some, to make it more symetrical.

Anyhow, here they are, and Nick, thank you for putting up with all the questions and phone calls asking "ok, I got this to do that, now what... " and "If I do this, and that don't happen, what?"..... :rofl: :bounce:

Without further adieu...



Ain`t nothin` wrong with that!! :clap: Looks a sight better than my first ones.:D Ain`t it fun!!! :cool: That is zebra skin obsidian too. Little Jimmy Dickens has one of my knives made from the same color stone.
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Thanks Nick.

I couldn't get that flat peice off the face of it, and some of my pressure flaking didn't go all the way across in some areas, but I'm tickled with it.

I watched that video 4-5 times last night... and again today.

I'm constantly having to remind myself "center line" and "ridges". :bounce:

It's fun as can be, but I'm done for the day, my right hand is beggin' me... :rofl:
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Thanks Headshot... I'll post'em as I finish them. :cheers:


Motrin works wonders! Remember-hydrogen peroxide, alchohol (not the swallerin` kind either), bandaids, and a clean towel-for wipin` tears and blood!
And go get an up to date tetanus shot.
IMPORTANT-it`s just a rock. It don`t care if it breaks or turns into a Grade 10 point.
You`re proceedin` along sound lines and doin`great! Keep it up! :cheers:


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Nice uns:fine:


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Dang Delton I am jealous , that is great for your first ones.....:cheers:

I'll bet those that small were a bugger to hold .....:cool:

You have one of the best teachers I have seen .......:clap:


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Way to go Delton!!!! With your carvings and now points, you can put out some great stuff.



Based on the photos nicodemus has shown of the blood running down his hand, ya need work. Ya just aren't dedicated enough yet.::ke: ::ke:

Good looking points.



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Those are great for first points Delton!!! Way to go!

I hope you guys are using the safety goggles to protect your eyes from the flying splinters too.
:fine: :cool: :fine: :cool: :fine: :clap: :clap: :clap:


Augie, all the strikes are goin` away from your fave and upper body so I personally don`t wear eye protection except for a pair of Ben Franklin cheaters. I also have to work barehanded to be able to feel the stone. In 20 years I`ve only got a chip in my eye once, and I did what any man would do in that situation. I hollered for my wife and let her get it out. For two reasons-she has steady hands and it gave her an excuse to fuss at me! :rofl:

Delton, never lay your antler tools on wet ground or any wet surface. They draw moisture like a sponge and will soften up. Then you have to put them in a dry place for a couple of days to dry out.
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Augie, I wear glasses anyhow, so I'm pretty safe.

I got my share of splinters in my knuckles and hands. Especially where your fingers bend, shards seem to just gather there, so when you close your hand, you just drive them on in there.. :rofl:

It'll make a man outta ya... :bounce:

Nick, yep... they stay in a bag I have... One thing I've noticed as well. Bailey has taken a BIG liking to my billet. Just something about a 1lb or so billet, she likes.

EXPENSIVE chew toy! :rofl:

It's safe............ :D
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Augie said:
Delton, Do you have any copper knapping tools?:eek: :smash: :flag:
Yep! Bailey don't like those as well. They're hard on her teeth! :rofl:


Augie, if I catch Delton with a copper billet, I will take it away from him and apply large, plentiful, and painful knots to his head!!! Copper pressure flakers are ok to use from time to time to save wear and tear on the antler flakers, but copper billets are a definate NO-NO!! :D