My mid range rifle I hope.


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I had EGW make a 20 MOA Picatinny rail for my Browning BAR Safari 30-06. I put my Vortex 6-24x50mm PST FFP MOA scope with its Vortex custom turret on it. The custom turret is calibrated for my 6mm Norma BR and according to the JBM program the 150 gr. 30-06 has the same trajectory as my 6mm except it is about 2 inches lower at all the ranges.

The next time I get out to the club I will find out how close it is out to 400 yds.

Well here is what it looks like. The objective does not touch the barrel even with the Butler Creek pop offs on. If the custom turret is close enough and the rifle will shoot MOA out to 400 yds. I'll take it with me to Wyoming next fall.

I did get it sighted in out to 400 yds. and it grouped pretty good at 400 too.

Here is the finished rifle with a Cane stock sock.


PS: Am I :crazy:


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I love the BAR's- have a .30-06 & .338. I would try the groups with & without the chaps. I haven't shot mine enough to know how they actually group. Keep us posted & good luck.


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I've never shot a BAR at 400 yards, but I have shot one in .308 at 300 yards at the range I belong to....I hit a 2 lb iron maul head that was swinging on a string every time I shot at it....maybe 5 or 6 times. It did very well at 300, so I have no reason to believe it wouldn't be a performer at 400.