My new hobby


Sweeper Upper Mod
Cool and I like it.

I once found a toothpick that the previous camper had whittled one end into a flower by splitting it and shaping the pieces. Pretty neat. I figured he did that to leave behind as well.


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My 2 oldest like to look for rocks with Maw-Maw and post them on Facebook. Those look nice, I wish I could paint like that.

Anvil Head

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i used to carve monkeys from peach pits and leave them sitting around for kids to find. Also carved flowers on the inside of pit halves and leave them around the church like Easter eggs. Can't/don't carve like I used to, but considering leaving little forged crosses laying around for those in need - that's all of us folks!


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Looks beautiful, our church youth group did similar painting bible vs or/and encouraging words on rocks and leaving them behind in places.