My next hunting buggy!




Oh man!!!!!!

You might not get stuck, but I'd hate to put somethin' that "expensive" and that "nice" in the mud...... :confused: :confused: :confused:



It's to dang pretty to take to the woods......

Of course if you could afford somethin' like that, Costs really wouldn't matter.....

You could just buy another one....If you messed it up... :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

How about one inFLOURESCENT ORANGE???????????? :clap: :clap:
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Guys i cant really afford it myself but saw them on a web site the other one is black and jacked up higher with bigger tires it looked sweet about 6 miles to the gallon i bet.
It looks to me like they've woosed up the F650's. Back when I was young Grandpa had an F650 that he hauled coal on. Of course it was a shade longer, had a tandem axle affixed to it, went about 30 mph at top speed in 10th gear with the gas 302 gettin her done, but it hauled 12 ton of coal according to the load slip he handed to the DOT and 18.5 ton according to the load slip he paid the tipple from. I wonder if that thing has a 6.0 liter in it or a DT466 in it.

Looking at the picture, all that would be needed is get rid of that sissy pickup bed and stretch the frame about 8 feet, slide a tandem under it and bolt down a dump.

Lordy lordy, they make it in an SUV too.

I can see it now, one of the soccer moms that cain't drive the Suburban she has now gets one of these things to tote the kids around :speechles :speechles

Talk about raising the blood pressure of the school crossing guard when she lets the air down on that gosheen. :cool:

Hey soccer moms, they make it in an SUV tooo. I wonder how many car seats and sippy cups you can put in that thing. :speechles

They said they can put it on a F750 chassis. I wonder if you can get a tandem. That's it, a Tandem Excursion. One thing sure, it would tick off that chick in the Yugo with the Peace sticker in the window.



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That is one BAD looking ride.....I could see me riding in one of those babies..........but that will never happen. Unless it's riding shotgun in someone elses. :D