My opening day...


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Foggy, humid, sticky... We were sitting there waiting on sunrise -- or at least enough light to see... A little after 7am, there they were...

"Up high!" The 12 gauges barked and the first doves of the day, flew by unscathed... ::huh: And so did the next ones, and the next ones...r and the...... well, you get the point.

Gents, I couldn't hit the ground with a shovel this morning! But here are our stats - 3 boxes of shells, 3 doves, 2 of which were given to us. 2 we couldn't find. Had we found them, total would have been 5.

That was between me and my wife. :banginghe The one I got, was so close a .410 would have done him in. The doves were flying, but we were missing...

Maybe it'll be better this evening or tomorrow. ~*fingers crossed*~

Here's my wife missing one... :eek:



Sounds like how I shoot sometimes!! One day I can't miss, limit out with 20 shells, next day, like you said, can't hit ground with a shovel. Sure you all had a blast any way. Better than a good day at work. :bounce:


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It is the hardest thing a good rifle shooter can do. Shoot where they are not at yet. Lead them about 4 feet. :eek:ut:


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I feel your pain, Delton. Those little suckers are hard to hit some days! I have missed my fair share! Makes you want to :banginghe
That story kinda reminds me of when i went duck huntin for the first time last year in LA , i shot 3 boxes of steel shot, and i killed 2 ducks LOL. I tel u what i was proud of them i even got them mounted, a male and female green wing teal. But even though we missed alot, i bet u sure had fun shooting at them i know i did :shoot: :shoot:


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Don't feel too bad Delton,

I only kilt three but the good thing was I found all my arrows. Might of kilt more, but they were flying high where I was at. :bounce:

huntnnut, that was very observant of you. :D :clap:



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Now now, do y'all honestly think I would shoot a dove off a powerline??? :D

How "ethical" would that be? ;)


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Delton said:
Now now, do y'all honestly think I would shoot a dove off a powerline??? :D

How "ethical" would that be? ;)
Mr. Delton, iffen you was a shootin' as bad as you say, I don't thing it would have been unethical iffen you hadda shot 'em in a birdcage. :bounce:
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A'ight Al.... Had I not been laughing at your post, I'd of been crying! :bounce:

I couldn't hit the southend of a brahma bull with a b*** fiddle saturday morning... ::huh: