My Poor Dog


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Now the deer here are going to think it’s the 4th of July. 😂
2 does in the front yard at dark. 😂


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Had a 80lb. lab / chow mix outdoor dog that was a porch thief...been shot at I don't have a clue how many times by folks as far away as 5 miles. Once the fireworks started on any holiday..she bolted. Took her at least two days walk back home from how far she ran in one night. I always wished I could do something to help her, but she'd eat your lunch if you tried to bring her inside.
My wife's 28 lb Cavalier King Charles Spaniel died of heart failure two weeks ago. I am trying to keep my wife from bawling every time fireworks go off and she doesn't hear Toby whine and bark (in that order - every time).

Give the non-gun dogs of yours a treat and celebrate that they are around to hide under your bed!
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My great pyrenees is just beside herself every time fireworks go off. Just came back from a potty walk. No potty and had to drag all 121 lbs of her on her normal walk.
Right now she is laying down next to me so close it's like white on rice shaking like a leaf. Rest of the time she is all business.


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i always threatened to rattle off about 20 rds of rifle shots about 5:00 a.m. the next morning but i never have .. maybe if we had a gun we would