My southern bear


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That is awesome. SC does a good job managing that hunt. I live just across the state line in NC from Oconee County. Bear hunted with dogs for 20+ years and there is nothing like it. I hope to get back to it when the youngins get a little bigger and I can take the time to do it right again. I miss it bad and reading that story didn't help!


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Thanks for sharing. Great story and an absolutely huge bear! I have never dog hunted, but it sounds intense.

The mtn man

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I miss that , especially when I feel those first few crisp October mornings, i can almost smell hounds and can almost feel them tugging on the lead wrapped around my hand, I can almost feel the weight of my backpack with the days ration of water and potted meat and crackers, and the strap of my 94 Winchester wrapped around my neck. I can almost hear the roar of the dogs when you cross over a top and hear them treed or bayed in the next holler. Dang I miss that!!!!