Narrowed down my area of relocation to Georgia....kind of

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For those who are interested I have been looking at colleges in Georgia that offer a 2 year degree program in Forestry/Wildlife and have came down to three colleges.

1. Ogeechee Technical College

2. Swainsboro Technical College


I have been to ABAC before while in High school and it is huge and has a very good reputation for Forestry and Wildlife teachings.

Ogeechee is newer and offers everything that ABAC does plus additional programs. But their degrees are not transferable to a 4 year college and additional classes would need to be taken if I wanted to transfer out to UGA. But right now a 2 year degree would be just fine.

Swainsboro is basicly like Ogeechee and offers a good forestry program.

So now I need to visit the campus of Ogeechee and Swainsboro next week while I am up at the lease and see what thr grounds look like. At least I could live in a central location for Swainsboro and Ogeechee.

Anyone have anything to add ::huh:


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I attended Andrew College in Cuthbert, Georgia.

That was 1977, but I took a 2 year forestry program that transfered to UGA.

Just another option!

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Glenn said:
So now I need to visit the campus of Ogeechee and Swainsboro next week while I am up at the lease and see what thr grounds look like. At least I could live in a central location for Swainsboro and ::huh:
Not much to Ogeechee campus, but I guess one plus would be you have GSU here also. ABAC is a very good school. Don't know anything about Swainsboro.


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statesboro is definitely not a bad place to live if you go to ogeechee tech. you've got GSU here which is a 15,000 student university so there are plenty of young adults around. hunting's not so bad either--or the fishing.

savannah is right down the road and so is the beach.


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Well, I guess y'all have Cuthbert beat!

There's nothing around there but dirt roads, big timber, big bucks and Lake Eufaula's big bass.
Man, you went right by Valdosta State University, don't think we have a forestry program though.

We have almost 11,000 students.

I went to ABAC for 2 years.........ugh!!

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Valdosta is where my dad grew up but it is to close to Florida :speechles and they don't have a forestry or wildlife program.

I hunt in Millen so Statesboro would be real close to the lease (if we still have it next year). Sure is going to beat driving for 6 hours to hunt.

Boys I can't wait to move to Georgia and enjoy the southern life style that I used to have here in Florida. The snow birds are already folking into the state and the traffic stinks right now :banginghe

I am going to ride through Statesboro next week and go by the campus.

How are the woman in the area :D


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Ogeechee Tech does have a good campus. I'm not familiar with the wildlife/forestry program. I agree with everything the guys said about Statesboro and the surrounding area.
Some of the most beautiful women in the South are GSU students.
I think ABAC is a good option if you are interested in transferring to UGA or another four year institution to continue your program.
Hurry up to Georgia Glenn. South Georgia is the place to be.
Glenn - Hntrchk29 is the Vice President of the Forestry and Wildlife Club at ABAC. Send her a PM and she will hook you up with some professors who can talk to you about the possibilities and placement history.

They have also had quite a building program over the last 2 years. Stop by and check it out again.


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glenn--you asked about the women. broadhead said it best. they're great! i've never had a friend visit and go away disappointed with the "scenery", so to speak!

trust me. stop by the woodin nikel, rumrunner's, or dingus magee's and you'll see exactly why so many guys love statesboro!
But right now a 2 year degree would be just fine.

But in 6 years, what then? A 2 year tech degree is just that, nothing more. If you want to become a biologist in the future, or decide to in the future, and your credits don't transfer, you have to start all over again. DON'T assume this is all you want, when you get your foot in the door your eyes will/may be opened. I know of people that have been wildlife technicians for 20+ years saying "sir" to a recent college grad. with a **** degree or M.S. degree. They have more day to day knowledge, but make less than the BRAND NEW biologist and are generally respected less. I have also talked to several people in wildlife/forestry that had to go back to school to get a decent paying job after a few years because they were being left behind.

BTW, I had a **** degree (in an unrelated field) and decided 7 years later to get a master's degree, after forever swearing off any further formal education.


Something to think about.

If you're looking at degree in Forestry/Wildlife Management, why aren't you looking at UGA? I think they have a good one.

Also being from Leesburg, unless you are really locked into Georgia, I think that Lake City Community College may have a program that may link to the U.S. Forestry Service.

Bear in mind, from what I have heard talking to folks in the field, their are some differences in Forestry programs and wildlife management programs.

And just for what it's worth, an MBA will get you a lot of options in lot more places, regardless of what the business is.

Just my $.02 based on looking back at a lot of options I could have exercised if I had chosen a different track on my college education. Good luck.
Glenn said:
I hunt in Millen so Statesboro would be real close to the lease (if we still have it next year). Sure is going to beat driving for 6 hours to hunt.
Where do you hunt in Jenkins CO. if you don't mind me asking??
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Humm Where to start? ::huh:

First I would love to go to UGA because they do have an excellent program and I am not saying that is not in my future but I need to take one step at a time.

There are alot of positions out there that a 2 year degree would earn me pretty quick.

Another fact is that I am 29 years old and getting scholarships and grants to pay for college is not easy to do. With that said that is one of the many reasons twhy I would like to relocate to the state of Georgia. The Hope Scholarship for Georgia residents is excellent and has allowed alot of people to go back to school.

Florida has nothing for returning college students and the only finacial aid you can hope for is from the Federal Goverment and unless you are of a different rece other than White you will not be getting any of that money :banginghe

And yes Lake City Community College has an excellent program for Forestry and I have talked to the instructors there many times. Lake City is the only 2 year program in the state of Florida and that was and still may be my school of choice if Georgia does not pan out.

You guys that live in georgia have no idea what it is like to live here in Central Florida and if you did you would not live here long. I am ready to get out of this state and start somewhere new plus at the same time finish my college education that I started many years ago.

Woooo! I think that covers just about everything for now :D
Hey!! Don't let these guys bust your chops! I started my education with a 2-year degree from Palm Beach Junior College, moved to Georgia and got my 4-year, Masters and Specialists degree!

I love meeting and reaching those short term goals!! Glad to hear you are motivated to further your education! Keep on it!

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you out!

I am NOT saying for you to not start with a 2 year degree. What I AM saying is you should get a degree that is transferrable to a 4 yr college. "making up' classses doesn't seem like a big deal now, but get 2 kids, a wife, a mortgage and the inability to move to where you want when you want and you will see the wisdom in getting something transferrable to begin with. If you're moving to GA to get a degree, why not go with the best possible instead of what will just get you by? They both cost the same or close to it if it's a state college.

ABAC is good, and there's a comraderie between graduates that helps you get in the door in other places in the future. There is no question about how good the program is to those hiring. I've never heard of the other two, and I bet most other people outside of the immediate region haven't heard of them either.

Another fact is that I am 29 years old and getting scholarships and grants to pay for college is not easy to do.
That's my point, buy the best if it's offered.

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Tom they ain't busting my chops :bounce:

I really want to thank everyone for taking the time to give me feedback.

I see where Throwback is coming from on going to the schools that are known world wide like ABAC vs going to a tecnical college that might have a good program but yet noone knows about them.

In that case my search really narrows down to just ABAC or staying here in Florida and relocate to Lake City to go to LCCC.

Thanks again for the help! :flag:


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I was in the Forestry Program here in Swainsboro and have nothing but good things to say about it. The Wildlife program is very good as well. THey have just built a brand new facility for the wildlife program if you are interested in having new stuff.

It really boils down.... IMHO..... to how big of a town you want to live in or around. Swainsboro is moving up in the world.... we will soon have a Super Walmart!!!!!:clap:

Other than that and fast food there is really nothing here. We drive the 40 miles to Statesboro to eat or go see a movie.

I graduated from GSU and it's a great place if you are intersted in a "college scene". I'm not.

One other thing I can say about Statesboro is that every time I go down there I see more and more SUV's with 20"rims and hondas with soup can tailpipes and rap music bumping down the road. Seems to me that the demographics of the college is changing.