Natural or man made?

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I've had this piece since I was a kid. I found it in Putnam Co where I grew up. Have always wondered what it was and if it was man made or natural from water? Any ideas? Pretty cool piece nonetheless


Hard to say on that one. It could be either. It's very interesting, either way.
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It's kind of strange how it's dished out at the toplike some sort of hand formed pottery. But Mother Nature never ceases to amaze either. I also once found a perfectly egg shaped rock (hard as a rock) that smelled pretty bad. I kept it for a while but it got lost in a move or I disposed of it due to the smell either one. It had a small chip in it, but other than that it was a perfect little stinky egg looking rock. About half the size of a chicken egg.
Strange looking. If it's natural I wonder what type of stone it is? I'm interested in rocks of an iron nature.

I have an egg shaped rock put mine doesn't stink. It looks to be quartz made smooth in a river but I found it in my yard.