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I got a small farm, and we have cows and the neighbors have cows, so i have always heard coyotes and see one now and agin. However this spring i have seen tons of them. I have killed three in three weeks all while riding back home from turkey hunting. I would see them in a field and go back to the house and get the rifle then it was game over for mr yote. BUT my question is how can i kill these things steadly can i call them up, or spot lite em at night? I just want a little help on thining out the population.. So could anybody give me a good idea or suggestion?
If you call them they will come. If your 3 for 3 you aint doing to bad. Once you start killen them they get smart quick. call into the wind when possible cause the yote will use the wind to his advantage. Take notes each time you will learn something different with every set up.


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Calling will kill a few.But a good trapper will remove more.A trap stays in place 24-7,a hunter can't be there that long.Besides a yote gets wise quick to change and humans.Good luck
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Who's a good trapper around augusta ga? The problem with trapping is there is a neighborhood about a mile a way and i would hate to get someones pet. Or is there traps that only catch coyotes
live traps. that way if u get somebody's pet u can turn it loose unharmed.
Forgive me; but Ive killed many a yote but Ive never seen or been able to catch yotes in a live trap... maybe some have but they are usless imo .

dogs , coons , possums , hogs but never a yote in a wire box .. they are too smart .
--- leg traps in dirt holes sets are very effective but used in proximity of houses you liable to snag a yard dog .

I have to go handle some yotes that have killed 5 of my landowners goats this week already ..


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Need help?
I'm just one county over. (Walton)

Got a letric' call too.. :shoot::D
the soft catch 6" rubberjaw trap is a good trap to start with. ( be sure and check your county for trap size regulations before you buy one ) had to throw that in there.
there are a few things you have to do to get the trap ready for trapping.
and always remember to check your traps no longer than every 24 hours.
this trap will not hurt your neighbors dog or cat.
but yes it will catch your neighbors dog or cat.
you can stick your hand , fingers in this trap and it will not even hurt .
you just need to use rubber gloves and rubber boots .
the key is no scent at all when setting your trap
i use hotdogs and eggs for my sets.
you can get just about all pred,s and rodents to come to an egg.
If they start getting at your livestock, get a mule/jackass and put it with your heard. It will protect the heard and mess up a yote.
I am not an expert by far, but I have seen several comments on these forums where others have said Donkeys were not doing anything to the yotes several had said they had two donkeys or mules and the yotes were still killing there calves. Don't take my word on it but check it out before you invest in a mule you gotta care for and feed and vet.