Need a Weekday Fishing Buddy

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Arrgh! The best days all seems to be days that the wife (and everyone else I know) works. I need a fishing buddy in Brunswick. Preferably someone who is retired or sets own schedule and can go on short notice during the week. Like meet-me-in-an-hour short notice as the wave forcast is dicy more than a day or so out. I have two boats: a Tracker panfish that is good for the creeks or the larger rivers on a calm day, and an '87 Hydra Sports 2500 walk around. I can launch the little boat by myself - I just prefer a buddy. The big boat is launched by the marina, but docking and anchoring without a mate is no fun. But the Tarpon are here and I'm dying to get out and catch one. I also want to do some trolling out front of the island for spanish, but working rods and the boat at the same time is too much. So if you live around Brunswick and can fish on short notice, hit me up!


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Man...wish I lived around Brunswick. Not retired yet, but hopefully soon. Good luck finding a fishing to believe you will.
I'm 60 miles from Jekyll, an hour would be impossible to meet. PM me for contact information, if interested. We can discuss the details to determine if it's a suitable match.
I could fish some weekdays. I’m self employed so it just depends what I have going on. I’m about 2 hours away.

I have a 22ft sea hunt center console we could use also.
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Hey everybody. Thanks for all the replies and PMs. That's really cool. I', going to try to answer the PMs individually today. It's nice to have a list of people to call when fishing opportunities present themselves. Now if the rain would just go away for a while and let us fish!!!

Had a great time going out with WalkingDead this past Monday. Didn't manage to land any tarpon, though I'm still convinced the fish that ran off a couple hundred yards of his line had to be one, as the sharks we were catching were not nearly that feisty. But they will be here through August, so there is still a chance.