Need another project


Get a GPZ550. Those things were smooth. Air cooled 4 cylinder with 4 carbs. An old buddy of mine had one. They were a blast to ride.
How about an old Kawasaki 2 stroke...they made a couple of screamers.
Or maybe a Suzuki X6 Hustler 250.

I used to lay in bed and listen to the 2stroke screamers on a summer night and dream of owning one.


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Several good old bikes on Craigslist up here that could be good restorees,,,,if interested PM me,I'll give you the link,,,,

I would love to find a CB 900,,,,


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Found a 1981 CB750 in the condition I'm kind of looking for, but the NADA value for the condition I could bring it to isn't there....
Look for a Yamaha fj1200,,,,probably get the value,,,,


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Are parts easy to come by,,,,do you rebuild the engines?love the chopper,,,,always thought they looked great chopped,along with a Honda 500-4,,,,miss my bikes all the time,,,,
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Triumph engines, Yes. I had a 1973 Yamaha TX 750 that kicked my butt for months....traded it for my 16’ crappie boat