Need Help Finding a Long Range Hunting/Tactical Scope


The Trijicon 2.5 x 56 is a great hunting scope, not sure it is a long range scope. I own one and love it.

I have the Accupoint 5x20 as well and that is a good long range scope but wouldn't necessarily consider it a LR competition scope due to its lack of MOA adjustment. Fine for 1000 yards and in for most calibers.

I think the Vortex PST2 are hard to beat for a good FFP scope. Have a 4x16 there which is a versatile midpoint between the 2 above
Vortex. Have a 5-25x50 on a ruger precision creedmor. Only had time to shoot to 600. Very user friendly, 6 different operators shooting all hit targets at 400 yards.


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I have played with a Trijicon Accupoint of some kind. Ran it out to 900 on a Win Mag...worked pretty good...seems like it was in the $6-800 range.