Need ideas

Put a craigslist add up with his number for cheap Harley Davidson parts, not too cheap, but enuff to drawn interest. Call Nugenix, leave his number they will aggravate him to death. Kind of like when we used to sign people up for those record clubs or book clubs.
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Buy a NRA membership in his name.
LOL, this one is the true. LOL, join to make a contribution to a good cause, someone to fight for my gun rights........ But then... Bombarded with losing my gun rights scare tactics. Send $100 weekly or kiss your guns good bye


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LOL, my son has over 400,000 subscribers. If he leaked his number then they would bomb bard his number. But..... that's illegal.
I wished it was.....I get several calls a day about student loans and car warranties. Phone spoofing.


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If it was me I would take the high road. I learned from my own actions. I had a old man slug me with a rake for riding thru his property. Knocked me clean off my motorcycle. I knew where he lived and he knew nothing about me.

It's your business line and just a pay by the week phone for him.

That dude had some bad halloweens for about 5 years until I grew out of mischief.

That was you?


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Back in the day

We would prepay for a one year subscription of a nude mag and have it delivered to their house. You can't stop a prepaid subscription. :cool:

Someone's going to want a explanation :ROFLMAO: