Need keel guard advice

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Looking for extreme keel guard protection. Some of you guys will flip out....but I drag this thing all over the place. As a result the bow and stern keel ends are worn absolutely flat. White showing thru gel coat.
Need to find a system that i can guard from any farther damage. Read reviews on major products and none got a good abrasion review. So, looking for home made. Read about one guy epoxy poly rope to keel...sounds interesting, I’m thinking bendable aluminum or such. Also read about truck bed liner spray.
Any ideas that have worked for you guys greatly appreciated.
I dont think bed liner will last long.
You said gel coat so I assume you have fiberglass?
If so I would look into Carbon fiber strips layered with epoxy. Like fiber glassing.
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Thanks. Found a great discussion on keel abrasion protection...these guys seem to be very familiar with the problem. Seems like the northwest has a lot of power river boats that purposely run up on rock beaches.
It’s well worth a read. My solution.....went and bought some SS washers that were the size of the rub and epoxy them on. I will report if it works
Be interesting to see if epoxy will hold them on. what epoxy did you use?
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That is just first covering. Next, I go to one of my sandblasting buddies and bum some grit that is harder than the concrete....aluminum oxide or harder still silicone carbide.
Use as a filler in next coat of epoxy so I can fair it out. Be interesting to see how this works...I’ll let you all know.
Thanks for the comments.