need to vent!!!!


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I always return calls in order. First one to answer gets first crack. exception being, if they can't make it for 2 or 3 days, someone else may jump ahead of them. Now, If I agree on a price, and someone else comes along and offers more, I stick to my original deal. If a man (or woman) is not true to his word, they've sold their sole to the devil in my opinion. Although I do everything in writing now(not everyone is as good as their word) I still believe a handshake means something.
My turn to vent

It seems that no one can be a man (or woman) of their word any more. I tend to just avoid Craigs List anymore due to so much bafoonery. I have hopes that forums like this wouldn't have such low-life time-wasters, but alas, maybe they got tired of people not falling for their CL scams and decided to hit all our specialty forums.

So, I have been messaging "Lakelanier1" for nearly a month since he posted (in duplicate no less) an Excalibur crossbow that I have been looking for for my 9 yr old daughter. I thought WOW, there we go. I can get what I want and at a good price (because I'm a tight-wad with my money). I have sent no less than 1/2 dozen messages with not one peep of a response. Looking at his profile, it appears he has not been back to the site since registering/posting on 9 Oct. WTH?!?! Why go through the hassle of registering & paying your $1 fee and fall off the face of the earth?

Okay, rant over...gotta go get my daughter's compound bow set up (birthday present).

Oh, and 100000% agree, we need a way to post feedback for folks, both good and bad.
When the GON changed from the Feedback to the Craigslist type of classifieds, I pretty much stopped using it.
Even when you send someone a message, you have no record of it at all, unless they reply with that message.

I joined another site that has feedback and active volunteer Moderators. All messaging is done using the Private Message system. Any discrepancies about a transaction can be sorted out and if justified, Negative FB can be given.
I've tried to contact several members on the GON over the past couple of years, but usually just no response.

The GON isn't what it used to be.
Should be first on site with the cash. But LOL, I'm a sucker because I can't tell you how many sales I lost waiting on someone who said they would come "next week"