Need your help! Boat trailer bearings. *Added some boat pictures


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I once had a 1992 Berretta bought new, drove home and cut apart to make a tube chassis pro mod car. I KNEW I'd seen that hub somewhere, that had to be it.

We drove the floorpan/chassis of that little thing as a hunting buggy during the off-season. Funniest looking thing you ever saw hustling through the woods.
I gotta go look for some pics of it..
Cavalier hubs were pretty commonly used on trailer and such because you could find them in junk yard cheap, and buy the entire rear axle. Cut off the axle part and use the mounting pads to weld on the trailer. That way you could use the tapped holes to mount it with, and didn't have to put a nut on the back side
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You guys are amazing! I was telling my brother that I have some guys working on the problem and I knew you would figure it out. How are you on winning lottery numbers?

A big thank you from me!
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They had a pair of them for $45 The big auction sight. They said they fit the 2005 Chevy Cavilier and the picture looked just like them.In the Fitment chart, they said they fit quite a few cars.... and a few pontoons. lol

I wonder if they are Chevy Cavlier 13" rims on the pontoon too???
looked back at post 11... yep, Cavalier wheels. I still have a trailer I built back in 1980 with those hubs and wheels on it.
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Ya Done well one this challenge. It's a 1995 50hp Johnson with power trim. This rig Sat doormant in a pole barn for the last 6 years. The motor had a loose clamp on gas line coming of fuel filter, but otherwise great. Runs good, pumps good water, and turns right over. Rest of boat needed a lot of tlc. Been working on it since last week in jan.
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Rewired trailer, painted motor,added stereo and fish locator, re plumbed live well, rebuilt table, stained wood trim., built spider rig for crappies, replaced gauges, added some switches, added battery box and new battery, redid canopy support straps, added more rod holders and rod rack, new straps for trailer, and other stuff. All in the cold....


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nice! I have a 1994 Evinrude 50, just did refurb/rebuild. All new everything that could be replaced.

I saw the engine and used that as a date reference point for hubs.
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The boats a 1988, motor swapped sometime is 95, trailer unknown. The.motor runs well with muffs. Got to test it on the lake yet. Ice just went out on lake here, still waiting on Registration to return from DNR.


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Go to:

I managed that tool room for years. (until 2002)
They have EVERYTHING you need.

I have ZERO commercial interest there now.
Not making a cent on the plug.

Just throwing that out there.
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While the new hubs are coming on a slow truck from California, I'll be out turkey hunting most of this week after tomorrow.

I thought I'd share a few pictures of the Pontoon rehab.

The motor was a little rough looking, so besides getting it running, I did some repainting.

My little dog photo bombed the cover picture. lol She does that kind of stuff.


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Here's a picture of the layout of the boat, and the canopy opened up to get out of the sun. It's a 20 foot angler model. Live well under the bench seat.