Need your help! Boat trailer bearings. *Added some boat pictures


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we are expecting near 90 this week.
May in GA. LOL

glad the trip was uneventful, hoping the weekend gets you motorboating. ;)
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We were back in camp this weekend. Good news, the ice is out, and the pontoon went in, Twice!

The surface temp of the water was a chilly 45 degrees, still very cold for fishing, but a great day in the high 70's to test the pontoon. The motor started and ran perfectly, and pushed the pontoon really well! All the gadgets and systems I repaired, or installed, worked great. Even fired up the BBQ and grilled some sausages and some chicken. It's going to be fun summer on the pontoon. Wish I'd bought one sooner.

Next trip will be a serious day of fishing and we'll see if we can get some crappies and a few walleyes too.