Need your opinion on Bears and weather

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When we get into November and a cold front comes in, what does that do to the bear activity? Do they layup for a few days and become active again when the weather warms or do they simply snuggle in for their winter nap? Thanks!
During the December rifle hunt on Swallow Creek WMA last year, the ground was covered in snow the whole week on the north slopes that I hunted. It never melted. I cut five different sets of bear tracks that week. Never found the bears, but they were moving through shin deep snow. Probably relocating to sunny thickets or something like that, but they were on the move after the snow came through. My mind was blown.
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Bears are well-equipped to handle the cold. Like Joe says, how late they stay active it’s mostly the result of food availability. The last two years there was a lot of acorns in the mountains and as a result the Bears were active well into December and beyond in some cases. With the acorns being so sparse this year I would not be surprised if they stopped moving sooner than later.