Nelly and Tanny in Kansas

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I flew into Dallas this Thursday afternoon and Nelly picked me up and we are headed straight to the farm in Alta Vista Kansas. We are getting close to the farm now and will be in the stands before first light. Looking forward to some fun hunting and hopefully we both go home with some decoration! We have been driving all night but did pull over for an hour and sleep.
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Settled in the stand on day one. This old ladder stand nearly came off the tree but I got it strapped back on. Time for deer.


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Good luck! Hope you're able to live up to your username. :bounce:
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We have a chilly NW wind that works fine for the route the first buck took. Although my shooting window is tight before they get down wind. No more deer so far for either of us.
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Back in the stand. I am sitting in a climber in a group of hardwoods between the creek and a green field. Have some pictures of a big boy in here so hope it happens tonight.
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Day 2 in Kansas and its just shooting light. I am sitting in a ladder in a pinch point between field and creek. Nelly is 100yds south. Light rain on walk in but had stopped. Let's see if we can sling an arrow!