Nelly and Tanny in Kansas

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So the T stand was a great place to watch deer 120yds out. I decided to move out to the end of the T where all the deer were going from field to field. If big boy takes the same route as this morning, we will have chilli!
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Whew, thought it was about to happen. One more doe came down the hill then another was walking the top of the hill. I looked behind her and saw a tree being thrashed. Then the buck lifted his head and I could tell right away it was a shooter. He was following the doe along the top of the hill 75 yds out. I grunted several times and he turned and started walking to me, then he stopped about 65 yds out and walked back up the hill. Almost into bow range, but not quite. Tomorrow is another cold morning with possible snow. We are ready to get it done.
For my first ever all day sit I can honestly say wasn't worth it. Getting down after the morning hunt and getting back in would have been just as effective. I stopped seeing deer at 930 and didn't see another one till 5. I had turkeys on me for about 2 hours until the half rack buck showed back up and scared them off. That's when things got interesting. He escorted a doe into the field and then something caught his attention back behind him. He stared back there for a few minutes then took 2 steps and took off on a fast jog. I heard a very quick fight happen,(wish I coulda seen it) then a different buck showed up leading me to believe this new buck won the fight. He looked good and was probably a shooter. I could not pull my bino's up to look for there was a doe 15 yds from me looking at me. The new buck watched the does for about 5 minutes before turning and walking the opposite direction they were headed which was right to me! Then all of a sudden half rack shows back up and follows the does to me putting him within 15 yds for the 2nd time today. As soon as he walked past me and got into other side of the hill I rattled hoping the other buck would come back. Instead half rack come trotting back in and walked past me at 15 again and started harassing a different doe that came into the field. He started chasing her all around me meanwhile I'm losing light and see another buck walk into the field. It was the baby8 that we have both seen a few times this week.
It was a fun day with a long 9 hr break from deer. Let's get it done tomorrow!
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Day 7 of 8. Getting closer each day. Yesterday was by far best buck movement. The wind works great for both of our sets. We got in early but its shooting light now. Yall send us some good wishes, hoping to load down the tail gate! I am back at the T and Nelly is in SE corner.


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Good luck, fellas!