Never hog hunted but we are heading to flint river in a few weeks any pointer.

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We live 4 hours away never hunt south ga. So we don't know anything about the terrain. We will be bow hunting. Please pm me if you have any info.

My 15year is very excited about going so I hope we see some hogs. His been shooting his bow ever afternoon for a month now. Just happy to see him put the x-box down and be excited about something else
Do not hunt old sign.

Need to hunt the freshest you can find.

Danny Leigh

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Yep. Go to the Manchester side of sperll bluff. grab a map drive all the way down to tick farm camp site and park. Walk all the way up the hill to the yellow gate. Check your map and pic a spot around that area. they will be there. they are unpresured in that area. A group of about 13 with the big boy around 300+. I do not hunt that area I only hike it. So please check the map and regs. Could be a fairly easy productive hunt.
The OP didn't say it, but I bet he is referring to Flint River WMA.


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I killed my first hog ever at the Flint River WMA. Pa-in-law had already scouted it out, took me in said to walk off trail and find a place to sit my chair. Within a few minutes I heard one coming. Was carrying my Puma .454 lever gun and when he stopped, I popped him in the head. He fell over and twitched and was done. Broke our hand truck we used to haul deer out with. We estimated him about 300 lbs. We couldn't lift him, but fortunately we had a just bought one of those hitch mounted hoist that we loaded him with, had to tie a rope to the back side to anchor it so it didn't bend, the hog exceeded the capacity of that thing. Looked like a bear after we had him strung up and washed the mud off him.

I don't know the specific spot. But hogs are where you find them. Put your nose in the wind and boots in the brush and cover all the ground you can. That has served me well over the years. Hogs can't sweat, so they roll. I've shot a couple over the years with a bow that were sleeping or laying in a waller. They will be near water. Unless I find a super thick cane thicket with a killer trail coming out of it....I seldom sit on anything. You can smell them or hear them before you can see them a lot of times. Good luck.