New boat soon , need a crew....

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I am in contact with several sellers of World Cat boats trying to get the deal im looking for.....sold my last cat which was a 22 ft Pro Sports and im going to reload with a world cat....are there any of you guys near Richmond Hill that would like to fish as a team out of Fort Mc marina....Mostly blue water is where I will be going....Let me know if you have a interest to hook up....all costs will be divided equally...that's for the trips not the cost of the boat.


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I'd love to go on occasion and will take on my share of costs... if you are willing to take a noob. The only blue water fishing experience I have is one deep-sea charter for BSB that I went on, and that was like 20+ years ago. I want to go for the full learning experience. Of course I want to catch some fish, but I also want to know what kind of gear and tackle it takes, what kind of bait to buy, what kind of beer you guys drink. I want to learn how to operate and read the electronics, proper communication on the radio, how to drive a big boat, the whole nine yards. I'm not asking you to let me drive your boat if you don't want to, but just show me how and tell me how to handle it, and what to prepare for, and what you're feeling on the water, etc. I'm almost at the point financially that I can take the step up to the large boat that I've always wanted, I just obviously need some experience. I have finally gotten to a point in life that I'm relatively unencumbered enough to pursue it. If you, or anyone else, is willing to bring a noob along, PM me. I'm usually available on Monday and Tuesday.