New bow strings

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Getting some new strings for my Elite Energy 32. its an all Realtree Xtra bow. Just looking for some idea on colors that look good with camo.
I went with Scarlett gray and a black pinstripe. looks great. I used hogwire strings. Great guy and stands by his work. Price is incredible as well


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I'm looking at hogwire strings now. Pricing is about the highest of the pack for a 5 string set, but hear nothing but good from them. I've used JBK many times and they have always been great
My new string is on the way now for my Elite Energy 32. Went with red and black


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Mine are Winners Choice Strings in Black , Pink and silver. They look sweet against a darker colored bow ( mines Black). I like Fluorescent colors on strings. I have used pink on ever bow I have had for the last 15 years. Just my personal tribute to one sister that fought and survived and one that didn't . Sunset orange is a great color choice as well.