New camo paint job


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I just finished repainting my sons 20 ga. Last year we had just painted the reciever and bbl. drab green.
It took a few weeks to do it; I wanted to be sure it would be durable and hold up. I drew up and cut out some templates trying to get as close as I could to the Mossy oak bottomland pattern. It came out a little different but I think it wil be effective. I think it hides a little better than my 870 in bottomland thats from the factory. I still have to add his tru glo sights to it. I added a pic from last season to compare.
What do ya think?


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looks good....great job
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How do you like your Rhino?

Its great, I ran 5 different chokes through it, this one shot most everything very well, I did try a kicks also but the pattern was very tight inside 40 yds.

You mean you didn't use that well known gun painter? :huh:
I figured he would be booked up solid so I gave it a go.:D

Those look very good James

You're raising a real killer the photos
Thanks Bobby! Hopefully one day the boy will take the old man. I wish I would have gotten started at his age.
Sweet paint! you'll be putting those dippers outta business. figuring I ship now and you have till March right? thats one less I have to haul down. Ha...Once again nice Job!

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Good looking paint job and nice smile on your son's face. Priceless!!!