New Computer Worm


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I'm writing this after being at work for 36 of the last 48 hours trying to clean this thing. It has my company screeching. We host fortune 500 petroleum companys pipeline applications and most are working but slowly. The worm is very hard to detect and as of yet there is not patch/fix for it. I have only found one way to slow it down. If you are a home user, not really affecting you. If you work in an office, beware. You can identify if your machine is infected by looking at Task Manager.
Task Manager is present on Windows 2000,Windows XP and to access it right click on the task bar(The bar that the Start button is on) and click on task manager. At the top, click on the tab labeled processes. Then click on image name two times so that all processes are sorted alphabeticly with A being at the top. Look for a process called bling.exe. If you have it, email me and i'll let you know what to do to keep it from spreading. Trend Micro told me that we were the first person to report this variant of a recent worm bot. There latest definitions do not detect it and will not fix it. All virus companys are looking into it and it has yet to be reported. This thing has the power to bring down any company. My network is built like Fort Knox and I still don't know how it got in here. Sorry for the long post, I just know I have now devoted my life to killing this thing.