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Hey guys I am looking at getting a new rifle what do y'all know about a web site called sportsman outdoor superstore they got some good deals I just don't know about order online .


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Looks legit to me. I have bought several on line, Buds, Grab A Gun, CDNN, Gunbroker, etc.

Find your receiving FFL holder before buying to determine how much they will charge you. Typical range is $20 to $40 per transfer. Also, shipping cost is a consideration.

Buy shipping insurance.
If your looking for a good inexpensive entry level rifle that won't break the bank look at a Remington 783. Very accurate and you can find deals for around $300


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Honestly their prices don't look any better than local gun stores or even Academy for that matter. Find what you want and check with whatever dealer you'd use to get the transfer with to see if they'll order it and for what price. If they'll match the online price you'll save shipping and transfer fee cost and still get what you want just as fast with the same drive.

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The .243 is a really good deer cartridge and they kill a lot better than you would actually think due to their lack of slapping the shooter up side the head with recoil and that translates into better marksmanship. As you know, it's bullet placement first and everything else second.

With that said, I bought a Ruger American last Christmas for my grandson in 7-08 and let me tell you, this rifle will shoot. It shoots so well that I carry it when he can't go. I do, however reload for it tho.

The American does not have the fit and finish of higher end rifles but then again, it was not designed as such. It is a no frills, entry level rifle that was designed for the budget minded crowd..

Personally, for the money, I do not think "you" can do any better than the American for a pure, no worry hunting rifle..

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Also I agree on .243. I have rifles in multiple calibers but this year i've picked up the .243 every hunt but one. It's a laser out to 200 yards with almost no recoil and it does the job.