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Here is a new fly I started working with tonight, I learned this style fly from a striper fisherman up in the northeast.

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Yea, they do look similar, but they are tied differently. This thing move alot more water then the ep flies do, I cant wait to try these out at night during the bomber bite. You got to love ep flies though, I tie alot of them too.


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Nice looking fly Josh....the ones I am tying for the swap don't look near that good...:eek:

Kim Youngblood
Question can you fly fish for stripers with 9' fly rod. I have a new Sage SP 9' fly rod would like to fish for stripers but I don't know if this rod will work
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Yes, all my striper rods are 9ft. What weight is the rod? I use 7-9wts on lanier, you can get away with a 6wt, just dont hook a biggin:bounce:
What kind of fiber are you usung to ge that volume?
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It is all flash-n-slinky, the volume comes from the way you tie it, I kind of hard to explain. Ill take some pics next time I tie one.


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Bought some this week end. It ties up great! Thanks for sharing new stuff! Later ...................................
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