New GON Classifieds, my thoughts, and problems

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Can someone PLEASE explain to me WHY the old marketplace had to be changed? I mean, couldnt they just leave well enough alone? Look guys, I'm not trying to be a complainer here, but every time a forum goes and changes the for sale forums, almost no one likes it, and improvements are rarely made, nor are they needed.
Anyhow, my problems are as follows, and I would appreciate any help you guys can give (btw the sole reason I'm posting here, instead of the "classifieds help" forum, is because you cant even post in that proper forum! WHY is that anyway??)

1. So my 1st problem is that for some reason, anytime I open any for sale forum, some facebook ad page pops up at random. I mean just out of the blue it will pop up some weird facebook page with advertisements etc. What is up with this?

2. Secondly, when I'm sifting through any random classifieds forum, (say fishing items for instance), when I hit the BACK button just ONCE, I am NOT taken back to the main classifieds page! Instead, I am taken all the way back to the main GON discussions forum page. Why is this?

Thanks for any help. Really missing the old for sale forums. Please stop eith the changes!


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Paul thank you for the post. Here is a little bit of background for why the change from GON Marketplace to GON Classifieds.

The software we used for the Marketplace was no longer being supported by the developer. We were receiving loads of complaints from users about the functionality of the system. Without support fixes from the developer we were stuck. Continue to deal with a system that was going to die and leave no place to buy, sell and trade or provide a new platform that could be supported. So we chose to offer a new platform so we would all still have someplace to buy, sell and trade.

We continue to work on improvements to the new Classifieds. It's not perfect. Comments like you are providing help give us direction on what users would like and allow us to determine if we can provide them. We appreciate the feedback.

I am not sure why you are seeing a Facebook ad pop up. I'm headed over to the ad server now and will place a filter to block facebook ads from our system. Hopefully this will solve that issue.

I've forwarded your comment about the "Back button" issue to our IT pro. He'll have a look. Are you familiar with using multiple tabs in your browser? If so try opening a second tab for the Classifieds. Doing this should eliminate being taken back to the Forum when you use the Back button.

Thank you again for your comments. We'll continue to work to make the environment an enjoyable place. The best way to alert of about Classifieds or issues is by using the "Send us an email" link found on the bottom of the pages. That comes directly to use with an alert.

Thanks for being part of the GON community. Mike