New Hurricane headed for Florida !!

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The National Weather Service has issued a warning for yet another catastrophic hurricane following on the heels of Charley, Frances, Ivan andJeanne.

The path of this hurricane zigs and zags, and is therefore highly unpredictable. Experts predict that this one will cause the most damage to the United States that we have experienced in four years.

They are naming this one Hurricane Kerry.

Be advised, the only way for citizens to protect themselves is by being behind a Bush.

That was not funny. You had me worried that we had another one coming. I assure you that no one in Florida would want to see another one. How about I throw a keg party and you bring friends, chain saws and another tractor. ;)
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GB, you mention keg party and I'll bet we have a bus load of Woody guys headed down to clear trees. Especially if you ask a couple Hooter's girls to pass out the beer. No, HT2, not yet......he hasn't contacted the Hooters girls yet..hold your horses! :speechles



See you are gettin' me all worked up this morning, just mentioning that......

Ya'll let me know when it's time.....

I'll swing by and pick up Brandon and then we head to get Louie too!!!!!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:
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Tim, I knew you were a standup guy and would volunteer to help a Fl brother out. :bounce:
Poor Florida folk, they get the hurricanes and then get the debates.
On a serious note, we all do feel for our Florida neighbors after the devistating hurricanes of late and those are truly no laughing matter.


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gadeerwoman that is the best joke of the year :bounce: :clap: :cool: ::;