New Kayak day: Nucanoe Frontier 12

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Well, I finally made up my mind after waffling between several brands and models of fishing kayaks, and today I picked up a Nucanoe Frontier 12 kayak. Gonna take it on the maiden voyage tomorrow, probably down the Etowah near me in Forsyth county. I picked this one because I'm 6'1", 200 lbs and I appreciate the open deck for my big feet, and the extra stability. Plus, looking to the future when I get too old and can't paddle as well, I can put a trolling motor on it.

I've been using my 16' canoe, but it just doesn't work that well solo. The canoe is really for river trips where the emphasis on fun rather than fishing. better for fun tandem rides

Next I have to start rigging it, like put on a anchor trolley, and maybe a crate behind the seat for stuff. I'll figure it out as I go. Right now I just want to get it wet and play in it, and then get it ready to fish from. I'll have to dust off my tackle, as I haven't seriously fished in years, just wet a line every now and then.

Looking forward to fishing the rivers , and eventually wetting a line with some of the GON gang.

Here she is.. I took the seat out temporarily to bring it home.
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It was as cheap as I was gonna get one anywhere else ("list" for the hard of thread comprehension, at Outside World in Dawsonville), and they just took 3 new ones off freight delivery the morning before I got there...

I admit it. I was a little weak. I saw what I wanted, fresh off the truck, still wrapped in plastic (like a bouquet of flowers), and I whipped out the plastic. :cool:

I already forgot how much it cost. That is how you know you made a good purchase! :LOL:
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Have PFD and paddle, so I reckon that's enough. Hitting the river tomorrow AM.

Today I cleaned my reels and went to Academy for some new line. Went ahead and got an inexpensive cart, while I dream up some better design that costs 300% more (LOL). Im off to the put-in in the AM. Sorry y'all have jobs. :cry:
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Hopefully making the first fishing trip in the F12 tomorrow at Lathem reservoir. It is close to me and seems like a good place for a newbie yak fisherman to learn on. I will try to take a few pictures. I have not really done too much to the NuCanoe yet, just modified the seat base a little with a BP quick-release seat swivel so I can take it off when transporting the boat. I also bought a Milennium (big fan of their deer stand seats) B-100 marine seat, and put one of the BP QR seat plates on, so now I can snap on either seat and figure out which one I like better. I did buy a rod holder, and will make a drag chain with a dog leash that should keep me in one spot.

Speaking of fishing, a lot has changed and I am behind the times! Wacky worms, senkos, spy baits, drop shotting, braided and flouro lines, and many new buzzwords for me to learn. I will simply throw a Rooster Tail, and fish a plastic worm with a Texas or Carolina rig, I guess those methods should still work! I did order about $100 worth of new tackle today.

Yesterday, I ran the Etowah with my 26 y.o. daughter Sarah, in my 16" Esquif Mistral canoe. We put in at Hwy 9 River Park, and took out at River Bend Gun Club. The river was running a good cfm and was about 4.5 feet on the gauge, and we zoomed down in only four hours, stopping once for a snack and water break. Below Kelly Bridge, we ran into a huge tree across the entire river and had to think fast, pull up to it without getting "strained". We got out onto the tree, slid the boat over, and got back in without mishap. At the take out, which is just a trail up the bank at the gun club, we missed the landing spot and had to circle back upstream, and could just barely make headway. My daughter is an inexperienced paddler, and, well, a bit girly, but she dug in and we made it. It was a beautiful sunny low humidity day, just perfect. I was going to go myself in the NuCanoe, but she wanted to go, so we took the canoe instead. Not sure how I would have got over that tree by myself.
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Went fishin', but they weren't biting what I was throwing. I hooked one on a rooster tail but it got off. So the yak is still a virgin.
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That box has had it's last kayak ride - it is too big, and I don't need all that stuff. There's extra spools of line, surf rigs and wire leaders, big bobbers and panfish/catfish tackle, junk galore, and I was rooting around in there too much. It can stay in the truck and I'll go back to shore if I have to.

I'm going to get a couple Plano flat boxes, and just take what I need for these day trips close to home. Worms and flukes in various colors, a few crankbaits and topwater lures, some spinners, and a few shakeyheads.

I hated getting skunked today; I'm thinking about going right back in the morning for round 2. I hope I haven't lost my mojo! I have no idea what they bite, or where, on Lathem reservoir. There were fish blowing up bait on top here and there, and plenty of good looking cover, but no dice today.

I got some more odds and ends to do on the boat before next trip: I got an anchor today, and some hardware to make a drag, and track hardware to strap in a milk crate. There wasn't much wind today, but it won't be calm every day, no. Also, I need a longer paddle for sure, this 98" Magellan is too short. A trolling motor would be even better! :cool:
Yes...I learned to try bring just the bare essentials in the yak. You might try trolling around a couple crank baits to cover some water and see if you hook into something. If no bites after a while, try a different lure that maybe dives deeper, shallower, shorter, longer lure, rattler, etc. I catch a lot of fish trolling along.