new kitchen knife

Good one - should do well in the kitchen!


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Way to go cuz. You are coming along nicely.

Now just tell your ol Man to come off that anvil he stole the other day

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Not bad DW! Ought to see some serious kitchen duty.

Couple of tips for future work, specially with kitchen knives: use stabilized or dense oily wood for handle material - will standup to rigors longer (walnut is a bit open grained and prone to water damage); thin the tang more to reduce handle weight for better weight forward cutting balance; maybe bring your primary cutting bevel further up the blade so it will slice/chop a little easier/cleaner (test on a ripe tomato); focus on joint gaps and seals to reduce potential water damage.

Like I said these are things to consider on the next ones. Pushing to do a little better each time makes you better at your craft. Forget "fancy" stuff (bling) and focus on basics until they become a given in your work efforts, bling will follow.

Quite good for early work. Kitchen knives have a geometry all their own that makes them work best. Much diff from hunting/fishing/utility blades. Keep at it you will only get better.
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Thanks for the tips Anvil....I means a lot for people who have been doing this for a while to offer advice. I never thought about the open grain of Walnut, just used what I had at the time...Hopefully I can make it up to track rock one day if my schedule could work out...
Nice looking knife!
Walnut is generally a great handle material, just doesn't do well in a "wet" environment for long. You might be able to seal it with a good sealer/finish and keep it waxed on a regular basis. It does take stabilization well, but if you get that done it's more sensible to get/stabilize the more figured pieces (expense wise).

Don't mind helping others where/when I can. I have a lot of experience at what not to do and why things don't/won't work, pretty much tried most of them (seems easier to try the wrong way first).


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nice knife! I bet your wife loved it and has cooked a great meal using it!:cool: