New L F Cox yelper

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I recently added this Cocabola masterpiece from Frank to the collection. Wonderful tone and sound quality.

Unreal grain and color. Ivory mouthpiece.

Get on the list. You won't be sorry.



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Who'd you borrow those turkey beards from? We all know you don't know how to kill a turkey! :bounce:
Beautiful caller Nitro and there's no doubt about what it will sound like.
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The thread has been cleaned up. Next one that feels the need to bash, consider this your warnin` not to.
Nitro, Congratulation you are a Winner of a fine trumpet. I also have a cocabola and ivory mouthpiece and "Green Hornet" dark green acrylic trumpet. That will be the only two calls I will be hunting with in the 2011 turkey sesson in South Carolina. Good luck hunting with your new trumpet.
"Huntem hard or no hunt at all "
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I have a "few" of L. Frank's callers.

Probably not enough, but more than most outside Henckel and Dowdy................

For my money, Frank builds an outstanding caller,
heres a pic of my trumpets from Frank....and a bit of history....i was waiting for hunter turpin to make me a couple calls and he told me about a boy from memphis named frank cox who was making a caraboa mouth piece (water buffalo) well at the time only wing bone and mostly delrine were being used and he gave me his number.... i bought a ( from left to right on photo)#1 osage orange trumpet 1994, #15 coca bola 1994,#1 ebony 1994 all early buffalo horn mouth pieces next is a #2 turpin short cocabola with ivory mouth piece and a cork stopper he has #1 its the second ivory one he ever made 1994, the short call below is a tree yelper with gobbler (i killed )bone mouth piece 12 gage shell ferrel osage orange 1994 #3, back on top row is a 1995 #1 african black wood with mastadon mouth piece silver ferrel with diamond mastadon inlay ...i got frank the mastadon enough for several calls, african black wood with mastadon mouth piece, silver ferrel, 1995 # 12, short straight barrel cocabola with hen bone (i shot) mouth piece rifle shell ferrel , scrim shawed with flying turkey , diamond ivory inlay with my first name scimshawed, 1995 #1, arfican black wood with hen bone mouth piece and ivory bead 2006, 1995 solid mastadon with 14k gold ferrel i designed with mastadon bead, 1995 solid african ivory , 14k gold ferrel (differnt from the mastadon call) ivory bead, not dated but frank gave me this one around (1995) for christmass its hen bones with a hippo tooth ivory bell its scrim shawed on both sides with turkey feathers only one he ever made, 1996 # 12 (my hunting call) ivory and blackwood, 2009 turkey dog trumpet macasser ebony with ivory mouth piece and bead silver turkey dog ferrel, right bottom (Not many made ) 2000 desert iron wood screw in interchangable mouth pieces , short bamboo case wood burt art work engraved turkey feathers with cocabola stopper , ivoy inlay , hen bone screw in mouth piece set in ivory, left bottom is the cane cutter only two made 1995 i believe mine was made first its 2 joints of cane with a turned mastadon mouth piece,silver ferrel it comes in a bamboo wood burnt art work case.....


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