New Lease with promise!

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Hey guys I happen to find a lease past Cedar Grove in the Lowery community close to Oconee River. This is first buck on first camera we just put out! I was wondering if any of you guys know buck size and rut timing in this area? Looking dang good to me so far! What y’all think?


Jim Boyd

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Looks like a solid 8 to me!

Give him another year if the land looks promising! His rack is still growing. Tips are very round! If you're hesitant about the land, take him out! If it's brown, it's down! Either way, it's a nice buck! (y)
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Thanks everyone. I’m gonna manage these bucks and shoot the mature ones and just glad we have some good ones to choose from. Great first club starting with in Lauren’s Co
Great looking buck mossyhorn, it looks like you’ve got a jam up lease there. Keep us updated on how the bucks are coming along!!