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Hey guys, I have watched this forum for years but due to the need for new land to hunt in Georgia I decided to register onto the site. Myself and 4 other guys are looking for a place to hunt after losing the property we have hunted on for the past 20 years, ouch. We are all about quality management so we have feeders, over twenty stands which include tripods, double buddy ladder stands, lock-ons and single person ladder stands. We are all in our late 50's but are all able bodied and accustomed to the work that goes into food plots and feeding programs for qm. We would prefer a property that has a cabin but access to power and water will work just fine. The previous property was in Oglethrope Co., but if we are within 2 to 3 hours from Atlanta we can make that work. We are extremely reliable and bring many skills with us such as carpentry, electrical and mechanical, all of which are needed in for a lease. If anyone on this forum has a lead for us please contact me or reply to my post. 2018 season is quickly approaching so we need to move quickly. Thanks in advance, Partner 1.

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Y'all should be able to find a place if you look for awhile. Biggest issue is might not get everyone in the 1st year, as clubs may only have a couple openings.
Good to hear on the things you bring to the table. Only wish our club did the same.

Seems like if you have a pulse and checkbook, you can be a member at my club. Doesn't matter how much beer that isn't yours you drink, how much you hate manual labor, or how many people you tick off. ;)


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Welcome and enjoy!