New members islander, and buck baller!

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Only seven letters, but the biggest word since human history is known, and unless you lose it, its mostly taken for granted i know my parents left everything, family, heritage, way of life, all possecions in 1967 so i may live in Freedom and came to the united states of america the land of the free and the home of the brave and today is a day we say Thank You. and a job well done to all the brave soldiers past and present, to me everyday that I awake in fredom i thank them

Happy Memorial Day 2007

Howdy, fellow woody's I would like to introduce myself islander and my son buckballer we live in south, south florida about 30 minutes to the fla keys, and we hunt and enjoy out of laurens co. GA (Dublin Area). Hope to one day meet up with some of you folks, Been surfin in the dark awhile

Andy and pops:yeah: :clap: :cheers:


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Hey glad you surfaced to the board you and son

BIG WELCOME so now just pull up to the fire and spit and wittle awhile
welcome again, yell if we can help.

Enjoy the forums but be careful they are mighty addictive