New Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity Camo Pattern, Jan. 2010

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You've probably heard and/or seen this, but for those forum folks who have not then I think this new camo announcement will get you fired up to go hunting in it when it's available. Good to see new camo patterns announced, especially from a well known & popular business.:bounce: Looks like there's already products being decorated with the new Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity camoflage pattern. Saw this on a few web sites below:

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Mossy Oak Introduces Break-Up Infinity

WEST POINT, MS - Mossy Oak®, the industry leader in camouflage design, is proud to introduce its newest pattern, Break-Up Infinity. Featuring unprecedented depth, unequalled detail and elements with remarkable contrast, Break-Up Infinity truly offers hunters another dimension in camo.

"After three years in the development and perfection of our newest pattern Break-Up Infinity, Mossy Oak has redefined what pure, natural camouflage is," said Larry Moore, Director of Research and Development. "Break-Up Infinity has the greater depth of view and more realistic elements than ever before. Take the soft brown overall coloration and highlights of gray, tan and green, add in crisp shadows and the result is a camo that completely breaks up the human form yet blends in perfectly with any background.

Our development team spent months in the field photographing and selecting the perfect elements and woods background to create an image that pulls you into the pattern as if you are standing in the middle of the woods and looking into infinity."

"Since 1996, Break-Up has been the industry leader, not just in volumes and market share, but in being the first to market with new design technologies and treatments. In 2002, advances in technology allowed us to make original Break-Up even more deep and lifelike, and we reinvented our most successful pattern." said Toxey Haas, founder and CEO. "Break-Up has been America's best-selling camo several times over. We always knew that to continue a leadership role, the successor to this pattern would have to be something beyond special. Honestly, this new step in the evolution has wildly exceeded even our own expectations."

Each element in Break-Up Infinity - leaves, limbs, acorns and branches - was selected to create unprecedented realism and contrast to break up a hunter's silhouette. Then they were placed over multiple layers of actual images from the woods to create a multi-dimensional depth of field unlike any camouflage ever created.

Break-Up Infinity is the first pattern ever that you can actually look into much the same way you look into the woods.

America's #1 camo pattern just got better.

Look for Break-Up Infinity this fall on products from our valued partners.



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I never thought I'd describe camo as beautiful but that simply looks amazing. My boys at Mossy Oak have truly outdone themselves. That looks unreal.
Yeah, that sure makes me want some. The trouible with this pattern and all other camo patterns is that deer do not see color as we see it. UGA studies have proven that deer see the brighteners in the clothing we wear as a blue glow. U gotta kill those brighteners. I saw a big improvement in the quantity of deer I saw out of the stand when I started using Atasko sport wash and UV killer. Try it and see!
awesome camo..i thought i read recently where Mossy oak sold their clothing line to Russell Outddoors or someone like that.
Around 15-17 yrs ago I was working for a cut and sew headwear mfg in Norcross and these 2 men approached me to make prototypes for them, Toxie and Ronnie. Wish i would've jumped ship and joined them!


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Thats the first think I thought too......Realtree AP HD....the second thing I thought was the Realtree folks will be calling their attorneys...


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I'm with hawgrider on this,...Camo is for the hunter, not the deer.
I've read several articles including the study from UGA which indicate that deer not only don't see certain colors, they also don't have good depth of field vision,...they do however have extraordinary ability to detect and pin point motion.
Having said all that,...I do dig the mossy oak Treestand pattern for winter, and real tree AP HD for Bright sunny days:cool:

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has anyone found a camo pattern that will hold up as good as the old army BDUs in woodland camo???

Why dont mossyoak and realtree use this fabric???

Ripstop aint worth it, but the original stuff is unbelievable
That pattern has a very realtree look,and I am a mossy oak fan.I bet if you do a test and asked people who they thought made the camo pattern without any prior knowledge they would say realtree. But on another note Mossy Oak break-up original is the one for me. Loved it since the day it came out


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It looks pretty good, but dont really look like Realtree to me. But I still prefer M.O.Treestand.

But KevinCox is right on the money. Human scent is the hunters enemy.
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Just added a 4 more sample jpeg image items in the 1st original post for comparison on other different various hunting gear.

I did not want to be the 1st one to say it & it only took 'til the 5th post, but I agree there does seem to be some Realtree camo similarities & I admit I do wear more Realtree than Mossy Oak since sometimes some of the camo is a bit too dark for me, but Mossy Oak did a good job again this time on this new camo that appears to me to be more natural looking & I'd wear it if I had it. I also must say I've always been a big fan of MO Bottom Land & MO Treestand camo patterns, and still have camo for when they 1st came out.
I can see Bill's next ad on the back of GON.(Often imitated but never duplicated)Buy real- Realtree!! I guess the boys at Mossy Joak just could'nt stand that AP.