New quota system


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No i'm saying If you wager 9 and it takes 5 you keep the 4. I'm told it's been like this a couple years but in j_sephs case would prevent him from losing all his points.
They changed it 2 years ago so that it's not a blind auction. Whatever is takes to be 100% selected is what is deducted from your account.
This is correct info. I was selected for the 2017 Ossabaw Deer hunt and I was credited the one point that I didn’t need to get selected.
No real issues for me...set up "group hunt" for my buddy and me and my State Park hunt for "points only"....seemed pretty easy to me....
7Mag, how were you able to add your Buddy? I tried to do a group last night and it would not add anyone. I had all their info, even their DNR customer number and it would always tell me “No record found “. Very frustrating.