New rod for hiking today

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Made a trip to Unicoi Outfitters today. Been wanting the Orvis Clearwater 8.5 ft 4 weight for some time. Picked up new rod , reel and some SA line. Had some decent stocking foot wading shoes on sale. Almost Lake time for my 8 and 6 weight but plan on spending more weekends in the mountains this year when not at the firing range. Now to find some decent streams to fish. First 4 piece rod I’ve owned.
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What rod did you get. My others are ST Croix but this one had good reviews. Could have got it cheaper in combo on line but I wanted to cast it a few times before buying. Wanted the Sage but a little out of my price range for now.
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Didn’t get to the mountains yet but hooked a small bass from the lake trying the rod out today. Was kind of disappointed that the ST Croix is a much better rod than the Clearwater. Or I’m just not used to it one. Had a real hard time casting over 30 ft with any accuracy. The fish are still liking the Montana Stoneflies my son brought back from New Mexico. BB8A9487-5AA3-44D7-B090-B70D5082419F.jpeg