New Rod/Reel for Christmas

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I have been running a couple cheap spinning reels combos I picked up at Dicks a few years ago. The gears on the one are starting to give out and I'm looking to upgrade for Xmas. My mother-in-law is asking for ideas. I'm thinking of making the step up to a baitcaster. I wanted to get some input. Options are:

Abu Garcia Pro Max 7' MH $100
Abu Garcia Ultra Max 6'9" MH $70 (appears to be a dicks exclusive)
Lew's American Hero 6'6" MH combo $70

or keep spinning:

Pflueger President 6930 (on sale at Bass Pro) $30 + rod to be determined. Thinking Cabela's whoopin stick ($20).

I've been mainly looking at Dick's Sporting Goods since I have a $25 off $100 coupon. Let me know your thoughts.


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I'm thinking of making the step up to a baitcaster.

or keep spinning:

More of a step sideways.
If it was me i would go for a good spinning set-up. You can do most anything with the spinning that you can do with a Baitcaster but not the other way around. Baitcasters are somewhat limited and finicky.

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Not sure what kinda of fishing you are doing but for price range it appears you talking about a couple I have that have been really good value for money are:

Abu Garcia Black Max baitcaster reel and a Berkley Lightning Rod 6'6'' about $90.00
Pflueger Trion spinning combo ML at BPS for $59.00
Just my 2 cents.
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This rod will be for specifically targeting bass. Mainly in our neighborhood pond and a couple other local spots. We go to Lake Sinclair a few times a year but on a deck boat not a bass/fishing boat. I can use the other rods i have for crappie and catfish.


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I'd definitely go with the pflueger president best spinning reel you can buy in it's class and for half off it is a steal. Pair it up with a ugly Stik elite for $50 or something cheaper like one of the berkley rods and your set.
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How are the Berkley Cherrywoods?
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I ended up going with the Abu Garcia Pro Max. I then decided to go back and also purchase the Pfleuger President 6930 but they had already sold out.
We've got a couple of the Pro Max reels and they've been great. I could say the same for the little Silver Max reels we have. The Black Max isn't as good. Those Silver Max reels have held up better than a lot of others in the under $75 range we've had.
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Yeah, I saw the mixed reviews on the Black Max and with getting the Pro Max with a coupon it made it about the same price as the Black Max anyway. I think I'm going to load it with Power Pro braid. I'm just not sure of the weight yet. I'll be using it in some lilly pads at our pond. I'm thinking 40 lbs. or so.
I opted for a Mudhole kit this year to start making my own rods how I like them. If you watch their site closely, they have clearance rods blanks all the time and you can build some really nice high end rods for pretty cheap.

I picked up a clearance blank this past weekend for $12, and they even had a couple of G Loomis blanks for under $30.