New snake for me.

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I was driving today and saw this snake dead on the side of the road. He was a very bright copper color and about 6 feet long. He was so bright he almost looked pinkish white in the sunlight. I have never seen a coach whip before, and I have spent my entire life hunting and fishing in central and south Georgia, so I know they cannot be common. Is that what this is?



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Nic, took the words from my mouth.
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It was a shame it got run over. It was so brightly copper colored it almost had a pink rainbow sheen to it. I've never seen a snake that shiny. Without a doubt the prettiest color on a snake I've ever seen. The pictures don't it justice.
I see them crossing roads acting just saw one last week. Last year I had a big one cross behind my vehicle over off New York ave in leesburg. The dude behind me swerved just so he could run it over. Man that really angered me. Wanted to wreck him. That’s one cool snake
I've never saw one, cool snakes.
They don't mind lettin you know they're boss either. Never been intimidated by a snake. Have a healthy respect for all of them, but the first coachwhip I ever saw was a biggun and he stood his ground with little reservation of who it belonged to. Great snakes.


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I did not realize it until I looked it up, but according Wikepedia, the longest Coachwhip on record is 102". That is 8 and a half foot long.
I caught one back in 1996 that was real close to that length. That rascal was a handful too. Took two of us to stretch it and one to measure.
I've seen several coachwips where we hunt over in the Columbus area. They are definitely an aggressive snake. First one I ever saw zipped across the road in front of Dad and I like a flash. We stopped and followed it into the pines to see what it was. We found it at the base of a pine tree, as soon as it saw us it came right at us and we both went airborne. Zipped under us and back across the road again. Cool snake.
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My Grandmother used to tell me of them. Said they would run you down, wrap you up and whip you with their tail.