New to bear hunting

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Hey yall, I was thinking about trying out bear hunting either this year or next year for the first time. I've been reading up on the forum and have gotten alot of tips and pointers. Are there specific wmas y'all would reccomend for a brand new bear hunter? Also if I was to go after October what will the bear be feeding on at the time?
Welcome Buckshot. I too am a newby at bear hunting. Actually i did some years ago but this year I am more serious about it. This forum is full of good info. Read, read and read again. Acorns are a big food source for bear in late october if you can find them. they are scarce this year so when you do find whites, reds or scarlets you should find bear. Spend as much time scouting/hiking as you can. That is the key to any hunting. good luck.....


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Act like you’re deer hunting, look for the same sort of places you’d deer hunt, and hunt the same as deer, but... instead of deer sign you’ll find bear sign (scat, wide and flat game trails, etc).