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Whats the deal with teal? This will be my first year duck hunting and im pretty sure i can get on some wood ducks, but theres an early teal season before archery opens that im interested in. I have a little private land to hunt with small ponds and wheat fields. Going to try to field decoy some geese there. Is it worth going specifically for teal? What does a typical teal hunt look like? I live pretty close to the oconee and apalachee rivers. Any help would be appericiated. Ive been through the waterfowl forum to page 100+.
Early teal can be tough as they are here one day gone the next. Teal are a small bird but the decoy great and are really easy to call for a beginner. I don't do much early teal hunting because the fact that they are hard to pattern. I would recommend scouting your ponds the day before you hunt and hope they come back if you find them. Bird ID is going to be hard for someone without experience specially when they have no color. Make sure it isn't a wood duck before you pull the trigger.