New to Ga.and looking for a spot around Brunswick

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I am from Central Florida and fished Tampa Bay and areas all around Tampa.
I have also fished down around Gasparilla.
I since have moved to Ga. And am looking for grass flats, or if they exist around Brunswick. I target mainly Redfish and trout.
I have looked on the dnr site and google earth and found two ramps near Blythe Island.
One is Blythe Island Regional Park, which has hours posted saying they close before dark.
Another Blythe Island Beachside drive.
I am looking for a boat ramp near fishing that I am both able to launch a high sided 20ft deep V center console, and yet doesn't have time restrictions to be off the water by a certain time. I sometimes go night fishing in the summer to beat the heat.
Thanks for any info to a new member and resident looking for information.
If I can offer any advice on the Gulf fishing, please ask.
Definitely a different style on the ga coast, I'm the same distance to Brunswick as I am to steinhatchee and need to make more trips to ga coast, I just seem to have the worst luck on the ga coast. I like the Blythe island ramp plus there's a bait guy nearby. There's also the ramp by the bridge, either should be fine as I've put a 21ft in at both.


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hey livewire - welcome to a great forum . you definitely came to the right source for good reliable info.. we go to Darien about twice a year and am fixin to start going more .. by no stretch am i trying to sound like an expert but i would highly recommend one of those TOP SPOT maps .. you'll need to watch depth in that boat you have - we use our 19' bay boat CC that drifts in 7-9 " and we have still bottomed out w/ our foot plenty of times .. be careful and hope to hear back from ya(y)
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How small ?
Mine is a 20 ft center console, but heavy for its size. I can float and use trolling motor in just over 1 foot, but like to keep it in atleast 3 feet of water, preferably.