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Well after reading a few posts I figured I would join in and say hello. I just moved up to Troup County from south Florida/Keys after getting into my dream job. I pretty much grew up between the everglades and the salt water down there so I grew up in the outdoors. The swamp is definitely different from up here, but I am ready for the change (and cooler weather).

If you know anything about deer hunting deer down there it is like hunting deer the size of puppy dogs compared to up here, so I am pretty excited to learn new tips and tricks for some Georgia deer.

Also, I really started to get into duck hunting down there and I would really love to find people who duck hunt up here. Most of the people I work with that hunt normally do so in North Georgia so they aren't big duck hunters. And Yes, I know, I've read that it isn't the best up here but any duck hunting is better than none in my eyes.

I look forward to learning from y'all and hope maybe I can help give some tips and tricks of my own soon enough.



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Welcome Amanda. Lots of good info from good folks in here


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Welcome , plenty of good information here.


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Welcome and enjoy!


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Welcome to the Forum (and Georgia). Enjoy the conversation.
welcome... and watch out for Quack
Welcome to Georgia Amanda !! But you stop way too far South ! You should have kept driving on up this way in the mountains !!