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Hi Folks,

I'd like to take my son hunting for the first time. We've lived in GA for a few years, just never hunted here, so not very familiar with the WMA and quota system..

Anyway, I am looking at doing some squirrel hunting at Joe Kurz WMA. I see small game dates are through Feb. 28, but the Joe Kurz WMA page is also showing a "youth small game" quota hunt, with a required application of Oct. 15. Does this mean the only way to hunt squirrel at Joe Kurz is via quota hunt, and since I missed the deadline, I'm out of luck?
Check out Sprell Bluff WMA in Manchester, Ga. I use to be in an adjoining club and it was loaded with squirrels. That’s not too far from Senoia. Good luck!
While there are some small game quotas on Joe Kurz, it's open from Jan. 21 to Feb. 28 to the general public for all small game except quail.