New Tourney Trail Idea

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Just checking to see the response to a single man john boat tournament trail to fish several of our local resevoir lakes.
Tribble Mill
Sandy Creek
Stone Mtn.
Fishing 1 a month from maybe September through Spring?


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Yeah sounds good, but whats the difference in the one already going?? Its hard to get enough people with so many clubs out there trying to work around each other already. Not trying to discourage you at all, just asking.


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Or a 2 man winter series. I would do that.But i might do what your talking about also. I would just like to fish with another partner thur the winter.
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I didn't realize there was already one going if there is.....I think if we do one that is a single man tourney even if we just do a fall/winter pot series with $35 entry(25 to the pot, 10 to big fish) and pay out 1 in 6 100% pay back
Sept- Tribble Mill Oct- Varner Nov- Sandy Creek
Dec- Black Shoals Jan- Stone Mtn Feb-Varner
March-Tribble Mill April- Sandy Creek or something of the sort, I think it would be fun.
A September thru May trail would be nice. Not sure why none of the Jon Boat clubs fish the fall and winter, maybe because alot of them hunt. Personally I would like to see a Stone Mountain, Varner, Black Shoals trail. 6 tourney's, 2 per lake. Oct.-Mar., April 2 day classic. Edited to Remove Profanity ----Edited to Remove Profanity ----Edited to Remove Profanity ----Edited to Remove Profanity ----, I can't even make time to fish all the HVBA tourney's so I am not sure why I want another tourney schedule to mess up my current winter schedule. lol


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This is the problem that Ricky Johnson ran into with trying to start another trail...... to many circuit conflicts.

Why not fish with a circuit that has already been established?

I scheduled our Jonboat Bassin' League events to cover lakes across the state.

Lil' Water Bassin' previously fished tourneys 12 months per year,boy do I wish that you guys were interested in fishing winter time events back then !!!!!

P.S.....I even put up a $200.00 bonus out of my (Constant Threat Custom Baits) own pocket to be given to the winner of the 2010 J.B.L Eliminator Series Champion provided that the winner has fished in at least 3 of our 2009 scheduled events ...... this bonus was designed to draw membership fees (To be awarded to the Jonboat Bassin' League points champion),interest and attendance to this one angler circuit.

Please visit our web site,and post back here with any changes that you may like to see made to our scheduling or rules .... we will be joining Lil' Water Bassin' again this December for a duel Awards Banquet and anyone is welcome to join us as we discuss the 2010 Jonboat Bassin' League plans.
2 man winter series

I would be interested i a 2 man winter series so I would be able to fish with my partner, A Crappie Fisherman. He needs all the help he can get, his name says it all, but he makes a heck of a netman.